Our focus isn’t technology, it’s you.

Launched by the Prime Minister in 2014, Innovative Initiatives is both a part of Luxembourg’s digitalization movement & its biggest ally. We are a multidisciplinary, collaborative government initiative embedded within the Ministry of State’s Department of Media, Connectivity & Digital Policy. We catalyze innovation by supporting initiatives, kickstarting new ideas & sharing stories from the ecosystem.

innovation catalysts.

In Luxembourg, our goal is simple: positive transformation via digitalization. We measure the value of innovation by the number of opportunities it creates.

Here are our three digitalization missions: (1) enable new projects, (2) support existing initiatives & (3) inform the nation of LU’s digital efforts.

To elaborate, Innovative Initiative enables & supports new or existing projects that address the country’s needs & fuel positive transformation. We work to make them successful by facilitating public partnerships, securing funding & boosting visibility.

Zoom out & you’ll find us triggering dialogue & keeping the public informed of our collective digital efforts. As part of that mission, we created the Innovative Initiatives platform to offer a growing database of initiatives & related news.