Launched as Digital Luxembourg by the Prime Minister, Innovative Initiatives drives positive transformation via digitalization. Overseen by the Ministry of State’s Department of Media, Connectivity & Digital Policy, it exists to strengthen the nation’s digital efforts & keep society informed. The public initiative facilitates progress in its priority areas by supporting projects & sharing stories of innovation.

Our shift from Digital Luxembourg to Innovative Initiatives allows us more flexibility to adapt our focus to the government’s changing needs. Under its new name, Innovative Initiatives communicates on & drives projects in the areas of digital skills, data policy, connectivity & new technology—areas in which the Department of Media, Connectivity & Digital Policy has unique expertise & access.

While Innovative Initiatives does have the means to provide financial support to kickstart new projects under certain conditions, its contributions come in many forms: connecting project owners with the right partners & boosting the visibility of their endeavors, for example.

In short, to keep the public informed. This platform features Luxembourg’s public-private partnerships & public initiatives related to digital skills, data policy, connectivity & new technology. It sheds light on efforts within the country’s digitalization movement through stories (experiences & updates from the ecosystem) & a database of initiatives. While we currently focus on the Department of Media, Connectivity & Digital Policy’s areas of expertise listed above, the website also features past stories & initiatives related to ecosystem & government.

If your concept would benefit significantly from a public partnership or has the potential to positively impact the entire nation, we may be able to help. Please send us a short description of your project, including how it will benefit Luxembourg, your projected next steps & what you need to make them happen.