Codestart brings together young adults for a two-week training that gives them an inside look at the field of programming.

For some, this will be a deeper dive into an area they are planning to study. For others, it could be their first introduction to the topic. Either way, students will gain value from coming face to face with the power of coding & programming in our world today. By the end of the course, they will have learned the basics of HTML, CSS & Javascript and launched a personal website.

A taste of the coding world

The Department of Adult Education, part of the Ministry of Education, Children & Youth, is organizing these courses with the support of the European Social Fund, Digital Luxembourg and NumericAll. Codestart features a lighter format than the intensive NumericAll course, a Fit4Coding initiative in partnership with ADEM. Codestart’s goal is to show young people the appeal of coding & programming, regardless of their professional plans. Check for upcoming courses.