DigiCheck: digital assessment tool

For companies looking to digitalize, knowing where to start begins with knowing where they are today

A study conducted by Chambre des Métiers department eHandwierk found that, while most skilled-trade companies in Luxembourg believe that digitalization is important, they struggle to evaluate their own progress & choose the right support. Self-assessment tool DigiCheck addresses this challenge in a matter of minutes.

The digital jumping off point

The smart tool measures six key areas – communication, management, human resources, security, regulation, & production & services – then generates a digitalization percentage, profile & recommendations. DigiCheck’s questions are designed, not only to guide companies down the path toward digitalization, but inspire new ideas & approaches. Uncommon & technical terms are highlighted in blue, with definitions that become visible when the cursor hovers over them.

A chain of support for companies pursuing digitalization

Entrepreneurs have the option to use the tool on their own or receive help from an eHandwierk expert. Results can be saved & used as a first analysis for discussions with Fit4Digital experts. The tool provides another level of value in the form of data: the Chambre des Métiers has access to anonymous, up-to-date statistics on the state of digitalization among Luxembourg’s skilled-trade businesses.