What if you could go from novice to working coder in three short months?

Fit4Coding turns participants into developers within the space of a single season. Upon completion of the course, they can rejoin the job market in a completely new industry. For students, entrepreneurs, IT specialists & curious minds, this program provides the chance to redirect career trajectories overnight.

90 coders, 18 months

Fit4Coding set out to train 90 coders in the space of just 18 months, a response to rising local demand for skilled workers. Now in its sixth season, the program, which takes place at WebForce3 within Technoport, equips coders with essential skills in merely 490 hours of training. The ambitious endeavor proved to be a massive success, with 80 percent of participants graduating & finding work as developers within three months. While there is an extensive application process, IT experience is not a prerequisite. The course welcomes individuals of all ages with no existing knowledge of computers. 

Involving employers from the start

To boost long-term effectiveness, the program now includes an employability (soft skills) module & internship placement to help participants transition into their new roles. Large organizations, such as Vanksen, Kneip & PWC have signed agreements with the intention to directly recruit students. The concept aligns perfectly with Digital Luxembourg’s aim to prepare the country’s citizens to tap into the benefits of digitalization. This is digital skills training at its finest.