Google Career Certificates

Thanks to a training partnership with Google, 250 of Luxembourg’s jobseekers are receiving free access to training programs dedicated to job-ready skills.

Digital Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg Competence Center and the national employment development agency (ADEM) have come together to deploy the courses & strengthen the nation’s digital economy. With regular access to job seekers & firsthand insight into their needs, ADEM vets & selects participants. Charged with running the course, which is solely virtual, the University of Luxembourg Competence Center brings experience launching multiple digital learning platforms.

The course demands 20 hours/week over the course of three months & has earned an excellent reputation within the IT community as a thorough yet accessible program. Study options include IT Support, Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design & Android Development. Originally intended as a six-month course, ADEM condensed it to better match the needs & timeframe of jobseekers. Now in its second installment with 50 participants, success stories have already begun rolling in. Luxembourg anticipates distributing all 250 certificates by the end of 2022.