Nowadays, creative expression often arrives through digital channels – whether graphics, music or games.

Once a creative digital asset is finished and released into the world, the real work begins: distributing the profits to each contributor. Enter blockchain.

Digital rights management made easy

With Spectrum, Technoport is exploring how blockchain can simplify the process of rights & revenue management. Specifically, Spectrum is a decentralized digital asset catalogue based on blockchain technology. This interactive tool allows users to simultaneously create, publish & manage rights & revenue distribution in one place, drastically simplifying the process & giving control back to the digital artist.

Real-time revenue distribution

Currently, revenue is divvied up & distributed depending on the rules & time constraints of various platforms & partners. Spectrum lets revenue distribution happen in real time, e.g. if a photograph is bought & downloaded for €1.00, the photographer immediately receives a portion. At the end of the day, the team’s core motivation stems from Spectrum’s potential to facilitate frictionless collaboration.