startup ecosystem branding

In 2017, Digital Luxembourg’s startup ecosystem working group, chaired by the Ministry of the Economy, set out to define its main objective.

The group determined that common messaging was essential to strengthening the Luxembourg startup ecosystem & positioning it nationally & internationally. 

A shared message 

The working group gathers all of the startup ecosystem’s main public & private actors around one table, including all heads of incubators, accelerators, innovation centers (i.e. Tomorrow Street) & hubs, along with representatives from Luxinnovation, the Ministry of the Economy & Digital Luxembourg. At the beginning of 2017, they met up & decided which topic they wanted to collaborate on. Different options were put forward & messaging was chosen as the priority. The goal is to establish common messaging, identify the local ecosystem’s strengths & define Luxembourg’s positioning. The result will come in the form of messaging resources –including facts, figures, quotes, success stories, testimonials, etc. –that can be accessed for marketing & communications purposes.