WhatAVenture: steering ideas toward success

Developed with input from international accelerators, universities, corporate teams & startups (over 2,000), WhatAVenture is an online platform that helps SME's accelerate their business ideas. Its basic structure consists of a six-step process: customer exploration, solution, business model, competitive analysis, market size & financials.

Entering the virtual classroom

In collaboration with Digital Luxembourg, the Chambre des Métiers adapted the platform for its master craftsman certification training course. A virtual classroom gives each teacher access to student projects at any time, letting them manage progress & provide feedback. A chatroom allows 24/7 communication among class participants.

Pilot project is a hit!

The Chambre des Métiers’s decision to utilize this interface was based on its specific, pedagogical approach. Students work on projects holistically with an understanding of each detail & how they are interconnected. Along the way they learn to deal with the broad challenges of self employment too. The main hurdle was getting users accustomed to the new tool so that they could employ it independently. The pilot project was a great success since everyone completed their projects on the platform & can now share their business plans with potential investors.