Dance lessons, sports practice, music classes…children have a host of standard extracurricular activities to choose from that let them learn, relax & enjoy. Workshop4Me adds one more to the list: coding.

A natural curiosity for coding  

Unlike many computer science programs targeting youth, Workshop4Me offers an informal environment for active, creative learning that is rooted in current events & experiential education. Every child benefits from a tailored learning experience that reflects their strengths, temperament & interests. The program, designed to harness children’s natural curiosity, includes one-on-one tutoring & small working groups.

Friendly & family-run

The laid-back, welcoming environment is a place for participants to learn about computer science or expand on their existing skills & create their own programming projects. Each session, led by three facilitators, lasts roughly 1.5 hours. A family-run project, Workshop4Me strives to spark a passion for coding early on.