artificial intelligence: a strategic vision for Luxembourg

Discover the story behind Luxembourg's strategic vision for AI


As AI grows beyond the realm of theory & research and enters our daily lives, Luxembourg’s government commits to steering it in a direction that benefits the common good. Its national AI Vision underlines the country’s unique ability to become a living lab of real-world AI applications, while developing leading AI regulations that put people first.

A human-centric AI framework

Luxembourg intends to remain at the forefront of AI by collaborating across borders, boosting investments, enabling skills training and optimizing its data market. A diverse coordination group will lead the fulfillment of the AI Vision, advised by a committee of experts in law, science, technology, ethics and humanities. Members of the public will participate in defining the country’s AI direction through public policy consultations. With data multiplying at an incredible speed, AI is the key to turning it into actionable solutions that benefit us on a daily basis. With AI, we can tap into a global intelligence for the first time ever.