AI: a strategic vision for Luxembourg - launch of a public consultation

On November 20, 2020, the government is implementing a key element of its strategic vision for Artificial Intelligence (AI) by launching a public consultation on the perception of AI among the population and societal actors.

Presented in May 2019, the government's strategic vision for AI defines an approach centered on human needs: a technology that should gradually take root in the social fabric, improving the lives of all citizens and strengthening our activities as a nation and member of the international community. In order to implement this approach, the Prime Minister has decided to launch a public consultation that will consist of two elements:

The Media and Communications Service, the Ministry of Digitalisation and the Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (LISER) have drawn up a questionnaire for the resident population. This questionnaire, which is available in four languages (EN, FR, DE, LU), will be analyzed by the LISER in order to draw conclusions on the population's perception of the opportunities and challenges that AI represents for Luxembourg. It can be filled in over the next four weeks via the website by a representative sample of the resident population having received a letter with an access code.

In parallel to the questionnaire for the resident population, the Prime Minister calls on all interested stakeholders to communicate their opinions and proposals on AI to the government. These contributions can be sent to within the next six weeks.

These opinions, in addition to the representative findings of the questionnaire, will be used to develop, or even clarify, the next steps in the government's AI policy.


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