One euro & one day is all one person needs to set up a company.

In a move to stimulate startup creation, Luxembourg made it possible for virtually anyone with a skill or idea to launch a business. Now, individuals who may have been flirting with the notion, have an easy entrance. Without administrative & financial constraints becoming a startup owner is a day, a euro and an idea away.

Simple setup, powerful call to action

With the Simplified Sàrl, Luxembourg invites its population to start a business. This option, open exclusively to physical persons, aids entrepreneurs without the need for infrastructure or large investments. It separates individual & company assets & excludes the obligation to eventually transition to a standard Sàrl after a set number of years. As more & more people take the plunge into entrepreneurship, Luxembourg’s innovative fabric will diversify & strengthen. 

Ready to go for it? 

For individuals interested in launching a simplified limited liability company, the House of Entrepreneurship can help answer your questions & set you down the right path.