5G rollout

With the arrival of 4G still fresh in our memory, 5G is already fast approaching.

That is the speed of technology. In the spirit of collaboration, Luxembourg’s infrastructure team sat down with 5G stakeholders, including the regulator, network providers & tech companies. From there, a 5G taskforce was established to keep Luxembourg at the forefront of connectivity.

A new level in connectivity

5G brings with it a sharp reduction in latency, critical for future breakthroughs, such as autonomous vehicles. Requiring little energy, it also paves the way for the long-awaited internet of things, which will see billions of devices permanently connected to the internet. Testing of 5G technology is underway, but full commercial deployment is bound to a variety of challenges in all countries.

Luxembourg plans to be at the head of the pack. Whenever it arrives, Luxembourg plans to be at the head of the pack. The practical benefits of 5G technology may lie in the future, but securing access to those benefits has already begun.

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