AI academy Luxembourg

As machines “learn” to do more on their own, translating society’s big data into value & bringing speedy precision to traditionally human tasks, it’s easy to imagine all of the lifechanging applications that could come, it is also easy to forget that these new breakthroughs will only arrive if the AI field gets what it needs to thrive: professionals with AI skills.

Building AI expertise with Devoteam & Microsoft

In an effort to encourage private and public organizations to innovate through AI and to build a workforce that can program and feed AI to strengthen our society. Devoteam Luxembourg, along with Microsoft, Digital Luxembourg and the National Institute for Public Administration, partnered to launch Luxembourg's first AI Academy. The initiative will offer three training modules: a business program for public as well as for private decision-makers, a 6 weeks intensive session for technical professionals and an advanced, 22 weeks, training for data scientists and research engineers.