GDPR compliance support tool

Regulations are only effective if they’re applied. After passing GDPR, we want to help companies successfully implement it.

A dedicated Compliance Support Tool (CST) helps all stakeholders understand & adhere to GDPR. Tools, resources & information sessions help prepare them to greet this new era in data protection.

Measuring GDPR compliance

As GDPR settles into our business & social structure, new questions & solutions will arise. The CNPD & the Luxembourg Institute of Science & Technology (LIST), with the support of Digital Luxembourg, have already presented a new compliance support tool to facilitate roll out. The CST gives companies a glimpse into their level of GDPR compliance & instructions on how to improve their data protection. The tool lets users manage documentation & monitor their progress. 

Putting GDPR into practice

Digital Luxembourg organized a series of events to guide various stakeholders through the GDPR implementation process, so that everyone is ready for its arrival on May 25, 2018. Info sessions, supported by CNPD, the data protection authorities, help individuals understand their rights. Luxembourg envisions a population with utmost confidence in its data controllers, but also with channels through which they can raise concerns & protect their rights.