Citizens can securely complete administrative processes online via MyGuichet, an interactive portal that employs LuxTrust certification.

e-signatures, digital documents & instant submissions offers a single space for a wide range of online services provided by the Luxembourgish government. The platform lets individual and business users access a host of administrative procedures. They can fill in forms online, sign them electronically, attach any required supporting documents & submit them to relevant administrative authorities. It is also possible to view personal data held by the Luxembourgish authorities & correct it if necessary. A 100% secure personal space allows users to receive official documents (eDelivery).

digital dashboard, superior service

A user-friendly dashboard lets visitors monitor document status, easily switch between different procedures & interact with the administration. In the business eSpace, multiple coworkers can log in to the same dashboard. LuxTrust tokens, already owned by many Luxembourgers for banking purposes, digitally authenticate users, opening up a host of verified e-service possibilities. For example, drivers caught speeding by one of the automatic radars can pay their fines online or check the number of points on their driver’s licenses. These new possibilities represent Digital Luxembourg’s intention to improve digital administration., the app

Citizens can now access their portals via mobile phones or tablets. Whether for booking appointments, messaging ministries or checking the status of applications, the app further simplifies Luxembourg’s digital public services. Uploading documents is as simple as photographing them, eliminating the need for a scanner. Through a password or biometric security feature users gain access to their entire account. Additionally, the mobile app incorporates a CovidCheck feature wherein users can quickly pull up their CovidCheck Certificates to prove that they have been vaccinated, recovered from Covid-19 or tested negative. 

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