Nvidia partnership: AI resources for Luxembourg’s innovators

If anything can make or break the arrival of cutting-edge innovation, it’s access to advanced technology

Through this national partnership, Luxembourg’s researchers will be able to tap into Nvidia’s arsenal of high-tech software, hardware and world-class computer scientists. As part of the agreement, Luxembourg, Nvidia and the country’s research community will set up a joint AI lab. Through this facility and the AI collaborations to come, the initiative will help society work through its most pressing challenges.

Hatching Shared Solutions for Society

Digital Luxembourg kickstarted the project after recognizing a need for advanced AI and computing resources in the local ecosystem. The demand for AI-related technologies exists in multiple industries, from finance to healthcare to space resources. Initially bootstrapped by the research community, the AI laboratory will eventually open its doors to Luxembourg’s industry partners and startups. For now, shared projects will be tackled by a team of researchers from the nation’s leading organizations: the University of Luxembourg’s HPC Team; Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB); Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT); and the Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST). In addition to the AI lab, Digital Luxembourg will support the creation of AI-related courses for Luxembourg’s researchers, industry experts and individuals.