5G-PLANET is an awareness-raising platform that explains 5G technologies and the opportunities they offer in the automotive sector. The project’s promotional efforts showcase how 5G networks can be used to deploy smart transportation systems that rely on network connectivity between vehicles.

More specifically, through three demonstrators, the project visually illustrates the answers to some commonly asked questions: What is connected mobility? What is 5G? What is the role of 5G in connected mobility?

Each demonstration features a video recording posted to social media, a public website and promotional material that targets a broad audience. In addition, the team had the opportunity to present the project at press releases and at a series of events and conferences, e.g. Connecting Tomorrow: 5G, Broadband and Beyond; LIST Tech Day; and Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. During those events, the decision support system used a digital replica of Luxembourg's 5G infrastructure to create a tangible experience for the audience.

For more information, visit the project website: www.5g-planet.lu

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