Digital Wellbeing in 2023: Access Infobesity E-Learning Course

With the conclusion of the Info Flow Savvy Academy comes the launch of a free online course

Launched in 2019 to help individuals navigate the exponential growth of digital information, the Info Flow Savvy Academy has reached its successful conclusion. In its wake, it leaves a self-assessment tool, a soon-to-be-published practical guide and Infobesity, a six-part e-learning course.

Infobesity was designed to help individuals successfully cope with the potentially harmful deluge of information unlocked by the internet and digital tools. The course—created in partnership with IMS Luxembourg and SO COMMENT—resulted from an Info-responsibility© conference held at the end of the Info Flow Savvy Academy.

Take the Infobesity Course (FR)

    Infobesity, available in French only, splits the course into six subtopics and nine modules: 

    1)   Understanding Infobesity (challenges)
    2)   Understanding Infobesity (exercises)
    3)   Choose your tool (challenges & self-assessment)
    4)   Choose your tool (impact & proper use of tools)
    5)   Protecting your personal life (challenges & risks)
    6)   Protecting your personal life (disconnection & best practices)
    7)   Technostress & stress
    8)   Master your professional performance
    9)   Email Management (Self-assessment & key skills)
    10) Email Management (Best practices & Info-responsibility©)

    Info Flow Savvy Academy

    Organized by IMS Luxembourg and co-funded by the European Social Fund, Luxembourg Chamber of Employees, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Digital Luxembourg, the Academy initially resulted from a survey and group sessions.

    The in-depth information-gathering process concluded that Luxembourg’s CEOs and workforce would benefit from trainings designed to improve habits and policies surrounding digital information behavior (how to handle the constant flow of emails, how to disconnect, etc.).

    Over the course of 2022, the Info Flow Savvy Academy held numerous trainings geared toward digital wellbeing:  

    • Faced with the news: Choosing what information to trust & making decisions in an era of infinite digital information
    • Digital communication: How to handle the frantic race to process information in order to slow down & be more efficient
    • Working in hybrid mode: Helping managers avoid the harmful effects of hierarchy & keep teams connected & collaborative despite remote-work models
    • Continuous learning: How to effectively learn & adapt to changing tools, work methods & processes

    Additionally, it organized multiple awareness-raising events that covered the mental health of HR professionals, a scientific look at cognitive mechanisms in teleworking, employee engagement, managing emotions at work and “Infobesity.”

    What’s next?

    To round out the trainings, events and e-learning modules that have sprung from the Info Flow Savvy Academy, IMS Luxembourg will publish a comprehensive Info Flow Savvy Practical Guide (print and digital) that covers the main themes highlighted throughout the year, including digital information consumption and healthy habits.

    The Practical Guide will be available to all members of the public on the IMS Luxembourg website. More information to come in February 2023.

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