The State of Curiosity

Luxembourg Tech School Founder, Dr. Sergio Coronado, took us on a deep dive into a social necessity that we rarely talk about. Here are our three biggest takeaways.

#1 the curiosity conundrum

“Curiosity is both fundamental & penalized. Kids enter the world ready to explore, yet they are met with “no.” We need trial & error, but then when you fail nobody trusts you. That’s a problem in our society. We penalize curiosity that doesn’t lead to success, but we need it now more than ever. We measure society by efficiency, but AI will change that. So, how will we use our time & measure ourselves when automation outshines our efficiency a millionfold?”


#2 curiosity & re-skilling

“If there is no curiosity to learn new subjects then there will not be effective re-skilling. We talk about the need to re-skill to avoid shortages. As a society, not just here but around the world, we don’t trigger curiosity enough. Google employees get 20% of their time free to work on whatever projects they dream up, giving them the space to be curious & create. This is a start, but it’s not the norm.”


#3 boxed in

“We live in boxes, literally. Your house is a box. You leave the house & get into the car, another box. You go to the office, maybe a restaurant…these are all boxes. It limits our interaction with the world & nature. Additionally, our lives are extremely routine. There’s no time for creativity because there’s no time to think. We can change this, but first, we have to talk about it.”

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