Upskilling with Google: Free Career Training for Luxembourg’s Jobseekers

Online training partnership unlocks 250 free Google Career Certificates

Fifty of Luxembourg’s jobseekers have joined the next round of Google Career trainings, which have already led to upskilling success stories as participants earn certificates to fill in-demand digital roles. 

Luxembourg received 250 free Google Career Certificates as part of a partnership kicked off during a conversation in July 2021 between Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google & its parent company Alphabet Inc.

First proposed by Innovative Initiatives (previously Digital Luxembourg) part of the Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy, the plan relies on cooperation between the country’s employment development agency (ADEM) and the University of Luxembourg’s Competence Center.

ADEM, with access to jobseekers and insight into their needs, vets and selects participants. The University of Luxembourg Competence Center, due to its experience launching digital learning platforms, runs the courses, which are all virtual.

Originally, it is intended as a six-month course, but ADEM has condensed it to better match the needs & timeframe of job seekers. Each participant receives support along the way from their respective ADEM advisor.

A highly respected program in the IT world, Google Career Certificates still manages to stay accessible, requiring no prerequisites, not even a diploma.

“These courses are designed to be as inclusive as possible, ” explains Claudine Kariger, Advisor, Luxembourg Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy. “They’re designed for people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. That’s what really appealed to us about the Google Career Certificates program. We wanted the course to impact the people who need it most.” 

As a digital pioneer, Luxembourg entered the partnership with the intention of further strengthening its digital economy and job market, the importance of which was underscored by the challenges of the past two years. By providing no-cost upskilling opportunities, Luxembourg builds economic resilience and creates new possibilities for jobseekers, many of whom lost their jobs during the pandemic.

“Jobseekers registered with ADEM are required to demonstrate efforts to improve their employability. This course qualifies as a step they can take, ” Kariger adds. “It’s heartwarming to hear about the participants and the difference these courses are making in their lives.”

As the country’s jobseekers seize this opportunity to strengthen their career prospects, success stories emerge, illustrating the transformative effect of Luxembourg’s Google Career Certificates initiative.


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