Marc Hansen presents the "Digital Academy" of the INAP

The Minister of the Civil Service, Marc Hansen, presented the "Digital Academy" project of the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP).

During this press conference, Minister Marc Hansen highlighted all the efforts undertaken by INAP in recent years, which have proved particularly useful in the current health crisis situation.
He then went back over INAP's missions and the new pedagogical approach concerning INAP's digitalization projects. He was accompanied by Philippe Diederich, INAP's executive director.

The missions:

  • Organize and promote initial and continuing professional training
  • Organize the testing of the knowledge of the three administrative languages
  • To provide services in the field of continuing vocational training
  • Accompany the digital transformation of other state and municipal services through training.

Initially, a training management institute, INAP has become an institute of management and creation of training.
With these new missions, INAP has strengthened its teams over the years with the establishment of a pedagogical innovation unit and has encouraged the digitalization of its services.

A new pedagogical approach

The digital training of general education, and more particularly of the core curriculum, is the result of a modern training approach that puts the learner at the center. The digital pedagogical approach facilitates the use of interactive and participatory pedagogical activities that encourage the trainee to become actively involved in the development of his or her skills.

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